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At The Story Of Moira we want

to remind you that it’s never too late to start over. 

"I always felt most at peace and found endless inspiration in nature, whether in the woods or by the sea. I created The Story of Moira  to provide an alternative to plastic products we use every single day. My wish is to give back to our Mother Earth, spread awareness by showing people that their favorite everyday essentials can be Eco- Friendly. In the long term reducing the plastic waste that is a great burden to our planet and introducing exciting self care tools which represent a harmonious balance between humanity and nature".

"I have always felt most fulfilled when in nature by myself. The older I get the more I understood what self-care & self love means. It frustrates me to see so much unnecessary plastic packaging. I just don't understand why so many companies haven't gone plastic free yet, we got the access - it's 2021. We got everything we need to become sustainable. Sustainability should not be a privilege. I decided to be the change rather then waiting for the change to happen".




I absolutely loveee the Make up remover cotton pads! Definitely the best I’ve ever tried!
I have very sensitive skin so I was looking something that won’t demand my skin and these are perfect! Definitely recommend!


It’s so refreshing to purchase top quality products from a brand that’s so focused on sustainability.
I am especially in love with their bamboo toothbrush and minty beeswax dental floss. My night and morning routine definitely got an upgrade!


It's been couple of days that I use the green tea sponge and I am impressed with it's quality, I loved how it feels on my face and how my skin glows afterwards.
Also we loved the toothbrushes.


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