We are all tired of using packets of wet over the counter wipes and disposable cotton pads, knowing that they are not doing any good for our environment. Let's become plastic-free today!


These fabulous pads are perfect for removing make-up and cleaning your face. Our Moira make-up pads are washable and reusable, there will be no more single-use disposables in your bathroom.


We are offering a pack of 16 round washable make-up pads. There are 12 x soft bamboo velvet pads (for everyday cleansing and make-up removal) and 4 x 'scrub' bamboo terry pads (great for deep cleansing and waterproof make-up removal).


These come with a 100% cotton wash bag.


Reusable Bamboo/Cotton make-up pads

  • Material: 'Scrub' Terry Pads: 80% bamboo, 20% organic cotton

    Soft Pads: 60% bamboo, 40% organic cotton, 

    Wash Bag: 100% cotton

    Pad size: approx 7.5cm diameter.

    Wash bag size: 18cm long x 15cm wide.

    Care: Place your pads in a laundry bag and wash them in the washing machine with your light coloured clothes on a warm wash ( up to 60°C) with a gentle detergent and leave the pads to dry naturally. You can also add some apple cider vinegar for a more natural wash, which also helps very well with removing stains. Do not use fabric softener or bleach when washing your pads. Tumble dry on a low heat.